Professional Forex Trader Library

Professional Forex Trader Library

Receive over 15 hours (8 CD's) of our best Forex trading education in one package!

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Complete Forex Trading Education in One Package

Receive over 15 hours (8 CD's) of our best Forex trading education in one package! From our beginner to our more advanced courses, this package will work synergistically to increase your trading knowledge and propel you to trading success. This comprehensive course is delivered to you at your own pace through a multi-media CD-Rom series with complete navigation and online testing capabilities.

This incredible trading library includes all of the following CDs:

The Fantastic World of Forex - Forex 1 CD

Learn Forex trading from a pro - pips, leverage, which currencies to trade and why - it's all here!

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Advanced Spot Forex Trading Strategies CD

Learn the more advanced Forex Trading techniques from a pro with this CD - step-by-step instructions through high probability entries, exits and the necessary stops to give you maximum profitability and capital preservation.

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Technical Analysis 1 for the Professional Forex Trader CD

Learn to use charts and technical indicators in a clear, simple and concise manner to improve your trade entries and exits.

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Technical Analysis 2 for the Professional Forex Trader CD

Learn to use Support & Resistance in combination with proper Trend Line drawing to mark on the high probability Entry/Exit. You learn how to "Stay In" a trade as we explore continuation patterns and the use of Moving Averages.

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Technical Analysis 3 for the Professional Forex Trader CD

Learn to use Technical Indicators for the trading of Forex. We will explore their proper use and evaluation and dispel many of the bad beliefs many have been given by the "gurus".

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Fibonacci CD with Mike Mc Mahon

Fibonacci numbers and ratios point to specific turning points in the markets' movements. Learn how to use Retracement, Extension and Projection Analysis to maximize your profits and tightly control the losses.

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Stress Management CD

Defeat the hidden killer and be a profitable and healthy trader. Because stock trading is the second most stressful occupation, next to disarming live nuclear weapons, it is essential that you learn effective Stress Management skills! In order to deal effectively with stress, you must understand how the stress response works. Our instructor deals with this topic effectively in this CD.

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Manage Your Foreign Currency Risk CD with Mike Mc Mahon

Learn how not to lose money and focus on the trade - profits take care of themselves. Our instructor will take you through the concept of Risk, the management of Risk and the control of Risk with step by step details for Forex traders.

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Learn at your own pace and repeat sections as necessary until you master them. Now is the time to expand your trading knowledge! International customers, please note you can determine an approximate value in your currency via a currency converter. Click here for Euros and Click here for Pounds Sterling. Clicking on one of the above links will create a popup window and allow you to select other currencies as well. These are approximate values and the exact amount you will be charged depends on the exchange rate on the day you order.

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